Both of my teenage children attended additional Junior Certificate & Leaving Certificate English classes with Mary during 2018.

Mary has a very natural teaching style and she adapted her approach to best suit each individual student. She took time to get to know their strengths and worked with them in a calm and systematic way that suited their style of learning. My children found her easy to talk to, positive and very supportive in their studies.

Mary also provided wider guidance and insight on how to cope with exam stress and the demands and pressures of life as a student. She focused strongly on exam technique and explained very clearly and in a structured manner what the examiner was looking for.

In tandem with the above, Mary helped improve their self esteem and enabled them to develop greater resilience and a stronger belief in themselves.

Having worked with Mary for a number of months, both were very well prepared and were able to approach their exams in a calm and confident manner – achieving their full potential.

Mary is an excellent and thoughtful teacher who provides a structured and unique insight into studying effectively and efficiently. While the primary focus for our two students was English, Mary also worked on building their wider confidence, improving their coping skills and in particular helping them with their exam technique.

I cannot recommend Mary highly enough!


Co. Kildare


“I took part in MindSchool in the weeks leading up to my Leaving Certificate. As a person who would’ve normally put myself under a lot of pressure resulting in unnecessary stress, MindSchool changed my entire outlook on my exams. I learned to handle the exams in a stress free way, focusing on a calm, healthy mindset that enabled me to feel my best was enough.

Throughout the exams I stayed focused and calm because of the mind set I unlocked within myself thanks to Mind School. The programme helped me through my leaving certificate more than anything else, and I believe that it is the best possible thing any student can take part in, in order to achieve the best results while in a consistent, stress free and healthy mind set.”

Sarah B. 

Edenderry, Co. Offaly