Hi there, I’m Mary your mentor, and here at Mindschool, we help you to get to and through your exam year and beyond. We have seminars and workshops, one to one mentoring programmes, all designed to help you get from where you are now, to where you want to go.

Whether you are

  • Racked with worry and panic about choosing your C.A.O. course or stressed about how many points you’ve got to get for that college course.
  • Maybe you are already in college and panicked about exams, internships or assignments.
  • It could be that you just cannot get your head into your study.
  • Having difficulties getting a plan of action together and then sticking to it!
  • Just thinking about exams scares the life out of you.
  • Maybe you’ve always not done as good as you know that you are capable of in your exams
  • Maybe it is all of the above
  • You want to learn how to study effectively, maximise your potential, learn better, smarter and quicker in a balanced and healthy way.

Whatever it is – we are here to help you!
Get in touch and let us help you get the results you deserve!

Key Points

  1. Enjoy your year and go from worry and overwhelm to calm and success.
  2. Approach exam preparation, exams and life’s ups and downs in a calmer, more balanced way.
  3. Achieve all of this by using helpful strategies to help you to sleep better, study better, prepare better for your exams and achieve your best results.

Join us and experience a healthier, more controlled, successful exam year.