1. Mentoring Services= Life Coaching & Study Skills

Our mentoring programme for students and adults is tailored for one to one meetings and small groups.

2. Academic Mentoring and Student Support

We support students in their learning, academic achievement and wellbeing. We help students with their transition for one level of education to another and develop their confidence and self-esteem.

This can be facilitated via internet with skype, by phone or more locally with face to face meetings.

3. Second and Third Level Student Support.

Transition times, from Primary level to Secondary or onto Third level education can present challenges. Change is inevitable in life and it’s important to build your resilience and develop empowering life skills that help you meet, deal and overcome these many varying faces of change. These helpful life skills will engender a healthy sense of wellbeing and self-esteem there by helping you confidently handle life’s ups and downs.

We also recognise that exam time can be particularly stressful too. It’s important to note that for some people, a certain level of stress can be a positive motivator but for many of us, being too nervous and tense can cause problems, especially when it impacts on your performance and results.

4. School Support

We offer Courses and Programmes in the following areas.

A. A Study-Skills and Self-Care Seminar and Workshop series

B. A Life-Skills Seminar and Workshop series

C. Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence and Wellbeing Training

D. Transition from 2nd to 3rd level Education Workshops

We are also available to present to the whole school community- Students, Parents, Staff, Senior leadership teams, Education conferences.

Each of our presentations are tailored to the audience and context. We work in close collaboration with you to meet your needs.