Here at Mindschool we are passionate about helping you achieve your goals and dreams. We provide you with new ideas, tools, inspiration and support to enable you to reach your full potential in all areas of your life.

It is our mission to play our part in helping to create a more calmer, peaceful future. This journey begins within ourselves and then, collectively we can affect change for a brighter future for us all.

Through connection and collaboration all is possible. This can be realised through an acceptance of our individual uniqueness, our true potential and when we allow our spirit to speak, we create a future for ourselves that has a calmness, direction and truth that’s unstoppable.

We are all learning from one another, it’s a continuing journey. Step lightly and with purpose, create from a place of calm.

How we can help you

  1. Help you to get from where you are now to where you want to go.
  2. Help you to understand how your mind and emotions work.
  3. Help you to bring calm and structure to your personal and academic life.
  4. Develop your understanding of the power of self-regulation and how it impacts all of the choices you make in your life.
  5. We will nurture and support you on your learning journey.
  6. Help align your intellectual, emotional and creative intelligence.
  7. Help teach our new generation, new ideas, new way of looking at themselves, at others and at our world.

Welcome, I’m Mary your mentor and teacher.

 Down below is what I’ve been up to over the years but essentially, I’m here to help you get to where you want to go.

If you aren’t sure what it is you want or where you want to go, well, we will help you with this too. 😊

Here’s my journey so far:

Mary has over eighteen years class-based teaching experience. She qualified with a B.A. Degree in English and Geography and a Higher Diploma in Education from the National University of Ireland Maynooth. She holds a Professional Certification in Mindfulness (Irish Mindfulness Institute), a Professional Practitioners Certification in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (I.I.C.P), a Diploma in Mind Coaching (I.N.L.P.) and is a Licenced Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistics (I.N.L.P). Mary also holds Executive and Life Coaching Certifications and is a qualified Speech and Drama Teacher. She regularly Superintendents and Examines at the English Leaving Certificate Higher Level for the State Exam Commission and is registered with the Teaching Council of Ireland and holds the Tulsa Safe Guarding Children Certification. She is a fully qualified I.E.T Practitioner. Certificate in Applied Neuroscience and Brain Health.

Mary’s primary focus within her work centres on her passionate belief in the inherent potential and uniqueness of the individual that is latent in us all.  She believes that Emotional Intelligence is an important Life skill for everyone, especially our youth, with Mindfulness being an important key to achieving emotional wellbeing and life balance. She believes that this skill is critical for our student’s future mental and emotional wellness.

Whilst teaching, Mary held posts of responsibility in Pastoral Care – focusing on supporting students in academic achievement and life skills programmes and developing and delivered school and parenting programmes to support schools, parents and guardians in their roles as co-educators. She has also worked in Student Counselling and Support Services for LMETB, along with working with Learning Support Teams and delivering PLC Childcare Courses for LWETB.

Mary has mentored students in writing two National Award-winning plays with themes of physical and mental health, along with contributing to published articles relating to Children and their wellbeing with Business Psychologist Dr. E. Deevy: The Influence of Language in Recessionary times- A Resilient Response.

She has also created Programmes and facilitated Seminars and Workshops nationwide, including:

  • Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence and Wellness Programmes in Secondary schools nationwide.
  • Facilitator of Student/Staff Workshops with Breathing Space Ireland.
  • Courses for Family Resource Centres and Women’s Groups in Kildare, Meath and Offaly delivering programmes in Mindfulness, Stress and Anxiety, Personal Development, Assertiveness and Anger Management Programmes.
  • Established and facilitated Writer’s Workshops.

Mary has proudly been part of a recruitment team for an International Company and other Dublin based companies with specific responsibility for assessing applicant suitability for inherent motivation and leadership indicators.

Mary combines over twenty years experience as an insightful educator, facilitator and trainer whose experience, knowledge, enthusiasm, and commitment to ongoing research and study leads to empowering adults and students to discover their resilient spirit, helping them to re energise and focus on achieving their fullest potential. Her “can-do”, practical approach helps them to make choices that create an effective, productive, balanced and more fulfilled approach to life.

Finally, if you have managed to read through all of that and are still interested in talking to us, do get in touch as we will be delighted to help you in anyway we can.